World's best first impression™

APV – Cloud-based platform med access system, built-in payment system och automated visitor system developed to deliver the world’s best first impression.

Everyday can be a good day

“We have created an automated platform based on state-of-the-art technology with an access system, payment system and visitor system where people can move smoothly and safely in and out of premises and at the same time have a positive experience, every day. Personnel are managed in the access system via intelligent processes as a natural part a safe experience. Every visitor should be handled professionally, safely and elegantly, while the visitor reciever have full control over their visitors. Our goal is to help our costumers give their customers the World’s Best First Impression with smart system that employees and visitors use every day. Welcome to PartnerSec, where we will help you make the World’s Best First Impression™.”

Jenny Spencer

CEO, PartnerSec

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Access system

CampTrac is the next generation access system. The access system is smart, simple and safe to use. It suits everyone, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Thanks to the fact that the access system is cloud-based, it can be quickly installed and administered via web browser.

Payment system

With CampTrac’s built-in payment functionality, you can easily pay for various services via a regular access system card reader. Perfect for charging electric cars or replacing coin-operated machines.

Visitor management system

CavVisit is the next-generation automated visitor system aimed towards companies and organizations that want to give their visitors the world’s best first impression. The system automates visitor processes, increases security and uses advanced graphic functions to communicate the company’s visions and values via the visitors’ self-service interface, SMS and email.

Access system or Visitor system?

We will help you all the way, from projecting to installation.

Our products

Cloud-based solutions for businesses and organizations in all industries.

Access system

The next generation access system with smart card readers that make it easy for users to open doors securely via mobile phone or access card.

Payment sysem

Connect one of our card readers to the product you want to charge for and let users pay for what they use.

Visitor Management System

The automated visitor system welcomes and guides your visitors to their visitor reciever with help of smart integrations.

Recieve visitors, everywhere

With they access system’s built-in Multi-site functionality, employees can book visits and visitors to all facilities the business uses. With the visitor system’s built-in Multi-site functionality, employees can book visits and receive visitors at all locations. Flexible offices become creative meeting places.

Smart visitor management is good business

With the visitor system’s built in MS Outlook and Google Calendar integrations, it is super simple for employees to schedule meetings. Book  meetings as usual and the visitor system detects the visit and leads the visitor to the right place at the right time. Automated and intelligent.

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